More About Roswell’s History

In 1832, when northwest Georgia opened for settlement, several pioneers migrated over the old trace and most of these settlers built their houses along it. Some of the important historical dates for the city of Roswell include the following:

• On the 12 February 1825, the Creek Chiefs ceded all of the Creek lands over to the US in the Treaty of Indian Springs, with their promise to leave the land by the 1 September 1825.

• In the year 1828, gold was discovered in north Georgia which attracted Roswell King of Darien to Georgia. Traveling on horseback, Roswell followed along the Chattahoochee River close to where Roswell is established today. It was here that he discovered rushing waters and vast expanses of forests. The natural resources are what inspired his vision for mills that would be powered using water, with a community nearby.

• In 1839, the first Cotton Mill was incorporated, and Roswell named it The Roswell Manufacturing Company. This company was an instant success and went onto expand.

• In the year 1839, apartments known as “The bricks” was built to serve the purpose of accommodation for the workers at the Roswell Cotton Mill. This building is said to be the oldest building that still stands in the US.

• In the year 1840, Major James Stephen Bulloch constructed the Bulloch Hall which was a representation of a Greek Revival mansion. His daughter Martha Bulloch, grew up in this home where she later went onto marry Theodore Roosevelt Sr. Theodore Roosevelt, their son later became the 26th president of the US.

• In the year 1844, Roswell King died, but his son Barrington King and his wife carried on the works of his father’s hopes and dreams.

• On the 5 July 1864, the Union cavalry under instructions of Brigadier General Kenner Garrard, took over the town of Roswell.

• In 1926, the old mill burned down. It was later rebuilt and then operated under the name Southern Mills from the year 1947 until it closed its doors in 1975.

In the year 1998, the Faces of War Memorial was dedicated to all soldiers that served in the Vietnam War. This monument was built in the municipal park which is opposite the Roswell City Hall.