History of Sandy Springs

The area of Sandy Springs also was unable to avoid the ravages that the Civil War brought about. In the month of July in 1864, General Sherman along with his troops invaded the area. The Georgia Militia and the Confederate General Joseph Wheeler’s cavalry tired their best to keep Sherman’s troops back, but they failed when trying to defend a ferry crossing at the Chattahoochee river.

When the war came to an end, Sandy Springs became a farming and rural area for a number of decades. However, the continuous growth of Atlanta initiated a new industry as broader infrastructures of power, water and roads started to spread into the rural and sleepy towns based outside of Atlanta. Due to its rivers, springs, unspoiled beauty along with other attractive amenities, Sandy Springs transformed into a retreat in the summer months for the wealthy, and these people started to build their summer vacation homes in this area.

Asa Chandler from Coca Cola was one of these families, along with other well-known families such as Powers, Jett, Hammond, Hardeman, Burdett, Austin, Dalrymple, Abernathy, Hilderbrand and Heard. The area started to flourish and continued to thrive until the start of the Great Depression hit, where this town become better known for the commodity known as “moonshining.” At the end of World War II and the depression, the town started to flourish once again. With farms that turned into neighborhoods, that continued to grow as factories started to spread across the landscape.

During these times, Sandy Springs was still an unincorporated area of Fulton County. It was the citizens of the area that pushed for an incorporation in the beginning part of 1966. After a hard and drawn out battle, the city of Sandy Springs was incorporated and went onto form their very own government in the year 2005.

This newly-developed city became well-known for the scenic parks, premier business districts, high-end shopping, fine-dining restaurants and sought after private and public-school districts. Parts of this community include Powers Ferry Landing, Riverside, Dunwoody Panhandle, North Springs and Perimeter Center. Some of the popular parks include Sandy Springs Tennis Center, Heritage Green, Morgan Falls Athletic Complex, Hammond Park, John Ripley Forbes Big Trees Forest Nature Center and more. Some of the attractions to this city include the Stars and Stripes Celebration on the 4th of July and the highly anticipated Sandy Springs Festival.