11 Top Things To Do In The Beautiful City Of Smyrna GA

Jonquil City, otherwise known as Smyrna, is part of the Atlanta metro area’s inner ring. It is Georgia’s fastest growing city and likely is going to reach metropolitan status at some point in the near future. Part of Cobb County, Jonquil City features many wonderful places of interest.

Let’s take a look at 11 of the top things to do when traveling Smyrna GA.

Silver Comet Trail

Located at the Cobb County Access, Silver Comet Trail is a great place to go Smyrna Georgiabiking, take a stroll and walk the dog. The trail is paved and continues for miles. Reviews say that the further you go down the trail, the more secluded you feel. Silver Comet Trail features beautiful scenery, and it is a great place in Smyrna to enjoy nature. Visit during any season to see the beautiful changes.

Concord Covered Bridge

This covered bridge is located on Concord Road, and guess what, you can still drive through. Not many of the covered bridges still out there are operational. The Concord Covered Bridge is a historical attraction, and it represents a great picture opportunity. When you drive through, there is only one lane, so you have to pass through one at a time if you have company on the road coming from the other direction. By the way, part of Silver Comet Trail is right off to the side of this covered bridge.

Fox Creek Golf Course & Driving Range

Located at 1501 Windy Hill Road, Fox Creek Golf Course & Driving Range is one of those courses that is enjoyed by both experienced golfers and beginners. Reviews call it an Executive Course, and you’re not going to find a par 5. This course is one of the best places for hitting the links in and around Smyrna, Georgia. Plan on spending about 3 hours of your day to finish 18 holes at the Fox Creek Golf Course & Driving Range.

Legacy Golf Links

Legacy Golf Links is located at 1825 Windy Hill Road, and it is another great place for hitting the links in Smyrna GA. It was mentioned that the other course is only par 3s and oar 4s, and Legacy Golf Links is mostly par 3s. The course features a nice layout, and it is very well maintained. Don’t think because it is mostly par 3s that you’re going to have an easy time because people say the course is quite challenging.

Sparkles Family Fun Center

With a little imagination, kids can have fun with any pit stop on vacation. No imagination is necessary at Sparkles Family Fun Center though. Located at 666 Smyrna Hill Drive NE, Sparkles Family Fun Center features a clean venue and is known as a great place to host birthday parties for kids. The roller skating is a little old school, but hey, it’s a lot of fun and not something you get to do much anymore.

The Corner Taqueria

The Corner Taqueria is located at 2860 Atlanta Road SE, and this bar/restaurant is known for being a great place to hangout. Enjoy some delicious tacos and other Mexican food favorites, and have some cold brews or cocktails. Seafood tacos are one of the popular menu highlights. If you want to let loose while on vacation, The Corner Taqueria is a great place to do that in Smyrna.

Maduro Cigars

Located at 2997 Cumberland Boulevard, Maduro Cigars features a friendly environment and fine cigars. Reviews mention it is like everyone knows everybody, and that makes for a relaxing environment. The chairs are comfy, and by the way, if you happen to live near Smyrna, a membership to Maduro Cigars comes with a personal locker that features its own built in humidor. How cool is that?

The Bird And The Bee

This eclectic specialty shop draws you in from the outside. The Bird and the Bee is located at 2968 Atlanta Road SE. It is a great place to stop by to perhaps grab a quirky or unique souvenir to bring back home with you to commemorate your vacation experience in Smyrna. You never know what you will find as you take a look around this eclectic shop.

Vintage Tavern

Vintage Tavern is located at 2860 Atlanta Road SE. Featuring a great location, Vintage Tavern is said to be surrounded by some of the best restaurants in Smyrna. Enjoy some drinks, spend some time on the outdoor patio and have fun hanging out with friends. While it was mentioned that there are restaurants nearby, reviews say that Vintage Tavern also serves up great pub food.

Mei Mei Massage

How about a nice relaxing massage while you plan out the rest of your vacation experiences in Smyrna GA? Located at 2700 Cobb Parkway SE, Mei Mei Massage is a great place to release some stress. Perhaps you would like to schedule a deep tissue massage to kick your vacation off right. After taking things down a notch, then you will be ready for the rest of your adventures.

Evene Day Spa

Of course, Mei Mei Massage isn’t the only place to release some stress. Evene Day Spa, located at 300 Village Green Circle SE, is also a great place to get a massage. There are other services available as well at this day spa. Evene Day Spa is said to be clean and classy, and it is the type of place where you can really enjoy some R&R, which is exactly what vacation is supposed to be about in the first place.

How do these 11 top things to do in Smyrna GA appeal to you? Since Smyrna represents the Atlanta Metro Area’s inner ring, you can always venture out into The Gate City, too. However, you will find plenty to keep you busy and having fun within the Smyrna City limits, and perhaps you can start with a deep tissue massage or time spent out in nature on the Silver Comet Trail. Either one would make for a great time.