Top Things To Do In Lawrenceville

Whether you are a resident of Lawrenceville or just visiting, there are plenty of fun activities to do in this place.

Here are some of the top things to do in Lawrenceville.

Visit Medival Times Dinner And Tournament

This is a place where the lovers of history can go to see the past come alive. There are numerous activities that are related to the old days from riders on horseback to sword fights. It is a place that will not disappoint. You can visit the place with a group as large as a thousand people. This makes it a perfect spot to go as a big family or a work event.

Fishing At Tribble Mill Park

This is a county park that is open to the public all year round. It is a perfect place to go fishing and enjoy the quiet surroundings of the lake. They allow motor boats as well as non-motorized boats in the lake. That means that if you want to enjoy a quiet day of fishing then this is the spot to do just that. In addition to that, the place has perfect trails for anyone who enjoys a bicycle ride. You can have a refreshing meal afterward in the restaurants around the place.

See The Hudges Center For The Arts

This is a fantastic place to visit and see the several types of art that are on display. The place has art of all ages. See the art progress through time and be transformed in the brilliant masterpieces in this place. Apart from that, they have sculptures that are breathtaking. Walking through the garden and viewing the sculptures is something that will stay in your memories for a very long time.

Visit Gwinnett Fallen Heroes Memorial

This is a place that is dedicated to the residents of this place who have lost their lives when serving in the military or public safety services. The majestic granite stones are a view that will have you see the good deeds of all the fallen heroes in this place. In the middle of the place, there is also one other sight that will have anyone in marvel. There is a beautiful sculpture of an eagle carrying a rose. This sculpture is made of bronze. It is dedicated to the firefighters in Gwinnett County who have lost their lives on the job. It is a great place to visit because it also has some graves of the Native Americans.

Visit Bethesda Park

This is a park where you can enjoy all sorts of activities. The place has a senior center so any older citizens can enjoy it too. It also has a number of paved trails that you can use for a lazy stroll in the mid-morning or a jog when you are feeling up to it. In addition to that, there is a sports field and an indoor aquatic center.

See The Lawrenceville Live Event

This an event that happens during the hours of 6 pm to 8 pm. It happens from April to September. The place is filled with street performers who entertain Lawrenceville Georgiacrowds as the night approaches. This is a perfect place to go and end your day in style. The event happens on the last Friday of these months. There are also lots of Holiday-themed attractions that you can see. The local businesses put up shops in the square and you can have a look at each one. There are also several local musicians who come to perform live. It is the best place to go to on a date night as it transforms the night into an endless romantic affair.

Hunting At Clayhole Swamp Wildlife Management Area

This is a very nice place for those that love to hunt game. The large area provides a good opportunity to get in touch with the hunting spirit. The place only allows hunting with the use of arrows. This makes the whole hunting process more vivid since you have to watch the game for hours and finally get to test out your archery skills. The game in this place is deer, waterfowl, turkey and some other small animals. You can check out the website to see when they allow the hunting then go when it is peak season. It is perfect for a group that wants feel the joy of going in for the kill.

Visit Clayton County International Park

This is a very nice place to visit especially if you have kids. It has amazing games that the kids will enjoy all day long. There is also a beach that is open during some seasons. If you are a volleyball lover then you will be glad to know that this place has nice sandy beaches where you can enjoy a good game of volleyball. It is also a great place to get your feet in the sand and enjoy the sun during the summer. In addition to that, it has several kiddie pools and water slides so the kids will not get bored at all.

The park also has provisions for indoor activities. The best part is that they also provide venues for parties. If you are a resident of this area you can hold an event here. In addition to that, there are also fishing lakes and trails where you can enjoy strolls or bike rides. This is a place to spend a lovely day in.

Tybee Beach Ecology Trips

If you have an interest in marine life in Georgia, this is the perfect trip to take. The trip is offered by a marine biologist who will explain the various plant types found in the region. There is also information on the animal life in the area and the several adaptations of the plants and animals in the area.

Little St. Simone’s Island

This is a place that is accessible only by boat. It is a perfect place to go if you want to enjoy nature and see the beauty of the water. The sunsets, as well as the views around the island, are breathtaking.