9 Fun Things To Do In Brookhaven, GA

The Brookhaven neighborhood is situated in the middle of 3 major highway intersections (highways 85, 285 and 400). It is also located just about 20 minutes north of Midtown  if you are traveling by road. Its strategic location in the greater Atlanta region makes it the perfect destination for cultural immersion, fun and recreation, exceptional dining and evening cocktails for people who live in the vicinity. Brookhaven is packed various sites and attractions that include a public museum in Oglethorpe and a bunch of cool places where family and friends can meet up and have a good time.

Here are some of the places you can visit as well as things you can do in Brookhaven, GA:

1. Brookhaven Town Center

The town center can be said to be the heart of this friendly neighborhood. The town center has so much to offer from a movie theatre to fitness gyms, spas, salons, shopping malls, dining establishments and many more. The town center is not deserted as it is home to over 900 residential apartments. Both locals and visitors reside in the town center. In the Brookhaven town center, you can dine at some the very best restaurants in Atlanta such as the Bua Thai. You can also choose to go on a shop spree in the many retail stress and high fashion boutiques. This is an excellent place for both family and friends to go out on affordable dates and meets.

2. Oglethorpe University Museum of Art

While in Brookhaven, you can also visit the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art. The museum is a great place for art enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of artworks from figurative, representational as well as international collections. The museum is located in a very modern and open space which provides a conducive environment for interaction and analysis of featured artwork. The art museum hosts 3 major events every years and other smaller events in the course of the year. The museum also provides tours for guests who visit in groups.

Working Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12pm to 5pm.

3. PURE Tacqueria Brookhaven

Among the many dining and recreation establishments in Brookhaven, the PURE Tacqueria is the best for young people who want to eat some freshly Brookhaven Georgiamade tacos while sipping on margaritas on a very cool and stylish rooftop patio. The serene and captivating environment at this spot is second to none. The PURE Tacqueria Brookhaven is an excellent place to meet up with friends in the evening while watching a game or just mingling on the cozy furniture while enjoying some epic view of Brookhaven. This dining establishment has some of the Mexican food you will find in the greater Atlanta region. The restaurant opens every day at 11am and closes at 11pm.

4. Murphey Candler Park

The Murphey Candler Park which sits on 135 acres is the largest park in the Brookhaven area. The parks is made up of beautiful forests, wetlands, picnic areas, a lake and a sports field as well. There is also a public pool where park visitors can swim for a fee. Other amenities in the park include a tennis court, a 2 mile loop trail and a kids playgrounds. The Murphey Candler Park has been in existence since the 1950s and it is actually one of the largest parks in the greater Atlanta region. Various events are held at the park every year such as the Duck Duck Goose 5k.

5. Kaleidoscope Bistro and Pub

The Kaleidoscope Bistro and Pub is one of a kind because it serves a wide range of comfort foods which look and taste amazing. This is one of the best restaurants in the Brookhaven area and you can expect an assortment of dishes from Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian and Southern origins. The Kaleidoscope is also a great place to try out traditional dishes that are made with a modern twist. The restaurant and pub setting is fun and trendy. It is definitely a great place for late night drinks, dinner or your good old lunch. The restaurant stays open until very early in the morning on most weekends.

6. Brookhaven Park

The Brookhaven Park is also an excellent place to spend some quality time with friends and family. The park is made up of beautiful paved trails, a sports complex, grill pavilions, a playground, a dog park and large lawns. People can easily and conveniently hang out with their pets in this park. Basically, there is something for everyone at the Brookhaven Park. You can enjoy fun picnics with friends and family, play with dogs or enjoy a nice jog or run in the park.

7. Plaza Fiesta

The Plaza Fiesta is Brookhaven’s premier strip mall. This wonderful attraction was established in the 1960s to cater to the Hispanic and Latino communities in the region. The Plaza Fiesta is the perfect place to go for shopping, dining and events. One of the biggest events that takes place every year at the Plaza Fiesta is the Mexican Independence day that is held on September 13th. The strip mall also boasts of over 280 retail stores. There are also dedicated arcades and play areas for kids.

8. Silver Lake

Silver Lake is Brookhaven’s treasure. It brings some much needed peace and calm to the surrounding neighborhoods. Silver Lake is solely maintained by the volunteers from the local community using membership fees and donations. The lake is perfect from boat riding and sight-seeing. However, swimming is not allowed in the lake. The lake is also a hub for exotic bird species. It is one of Atlanta’s few bird watching sanctuaries and people of all ages can have a good time at this location.

9. Peachtree Golf Club

This the place for golf lovers or anyone who likes to hang out in exclusive country clubs. The Peachtree Golf Club is Brookhaven’s gem with its amazing and world-class course. Although it is a member’s only establishment, the golf course is one of the best places to hang out in the Brookhaven area.